Singapore REIT Data – LIVE Daily Updates

NamePriceDistribution YieldPrice to BookDPUNAVProperty YieldGearing Ratio
AIMSAMP Cap Reit1.39007.41%1.010.1031.376.44%33.5%
Ascendas Reit2.72005.88%1.280.15992.126.20%36.9%
Ascott Reit1.11007.2%0.890.07991.254.62%36.2%
BHG Retail Reit0.71007.7%0.860.05470.835.29%32.2%
Cache Log Trust0.77508.28%1.080.064180.7167.67%36.3%
Cambridge Ind Tr0.52507.34%0.890.038530.5934.75%48.4%
CapitaCom Trust1.76004.92%0.990.08661.783.90%37.3%
CapitaMall Trust0n.a%00.11161.955.30%34.2%
CapitaR China Tr1.48006.82%0.930.10101.605.80%28.4%
CDL HTrust1.61005.73%1.050.09221.52986.39%32.6%
EC World Reit0.71508.43%0.790.060250.916.19%29.2%
Far East HTrust0.64006.09%0.740.0390.86943.91%34.4%
First Reit1.32006.49%1.30.08571.01478.10%37.7%
Fortune Reit HKD0n.a%00.507814.053.86%27.4%
Frasers Cpt Tr2.21005.38%1.090.1192.024.86%29.0%
Frasers Com Tr0n.a%00.08671.5285.49%34.7%
Frasers HTrust0.69507.26%0.850.050460.81595.53%32.1%
Frasers L&I Tr0n.a%00.07010.947.01%29.3%
IREIT Global0.78007.4%1.170.05770.6676.80%40.3%
Keppel DC Reit1.39005.12%1.430.07120.977.97%32.1%
Keppel Reit0n.a%00.0571.413.40%38.7%
ManulifeReit USD0n.a%00.05750.824.44%33.7%
Mapletree Com Tr0n.a%00.09041.495.10%34.5%
Mapletree Ind Tr2.01005.85%1.370.11751.477.20%33.1%
Mapletree GCC Tr1.16006.45%0.840.074811.3764.60%36.2%
Mapletree Log Tr1.27005.65%1.150.07181.105.12%37.7%
Lippo Malls Tr0.320010.75%10.03440.329.65%45.9%
OUE Com Reit0.68506.82%0.750.04670.913.93%37.3%
OUE HTrust0.79006.51%1.040.05140.765.10%38.8%
ParkwayLife Reit0n.a%00.12461.765.90%36.4%
Sabana Reit0.44007.52%0.810.03310.545.67%38.2%
StarhillGbl Reit0n.a%00.04920.925.32%35.3%
Suntec Reit1.86005.38%0.880.100052.1193.50%36.4%
Viva Ind Tr0.89508.35%1.170.074720.7655.76%39.8%
Keppel KBS US0.88000%n.a.00n.a.36.0%
Cromwell European REIT0.59000%1.0900.54n.a.33.0%
Sasseur REIT0n.a%n.a.00n.a.n.a.

Last updated: 2018-07-19 04:02 am

Cromwell European REIT, Sasseur REIT, and Keppel-KBS US REIT do not show full-year financial figures yet.

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